Bede Béla: Architecture in Budapest

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Architecture in Budapest with 200 highlights

Volume 8 in Corvina’s series of thematic guides deals with architectural monuments of various periods to be found in present-day Budapest. Along the lines of the previous volumes, the thirteen chapters of the present work describe in detail 200 selected buildings, giving their locations, GPS coordinates, and the times when they may be visited. Architectural styles are presented chronologically, and at the end of each chapter other buildings of the period are listed with names and locations only, making a total of 263. An attempt is made to enable the reader, as far as possible, to include the buildings in an individual chapter in a series of tours.
The aim has been to introduce within the various stylistic periods as many different types of buildings (sacral, aristocratic, domestic, industrial etc.) as possible. A conscious effort has been made not to include the buildings of various styles on a proportionate basis. Had that been done, the cult of traditional styles, the secession and art deco would provide ninety percent of the book. As, however, this is a guide book the intention has been to provide space for all architectural periods alike.